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Focal point:

Ministry of Health

GHS implementation status

Transport of dangerous goods


For international transport of dangerous goods, see Implementation through international legal instruments, recommendations, codes and guidelines

Other sectors:


Draft Regulation for the storage of hazardous chemicals (Anteproyecto de Reglamento de Almacenamiento de Sustancias Químicas Peligrosas) released for public consultation.

2012 and beyond (expected activities and outcomes):

Establishment of GHS coordination committee with participation of representatives from the government and private and public sectors.

A 3-day introductory workshop on the GHS was conducted in 2012.

Situation and gap analysis study already initiated (expected to be completed during the first half of 2013), prior to the development of a National Strategy for GHS implementation.

Several training workshops on GHS (based on UNITAR’s GHS basic training course) are expected to be conducted from June to August 2013.

Development of a GHS dedicated website ( with information about GHS-related initiatives already undertaken, planned or being conducted in the country.