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GHS Category - Flammable Solids
Posted: 2022-08-05

GHS Definition: Flammable solids refer to solids that are easily combustible or may cause or support combustion through friction. A readily combustible solid is a powder, granular or past…

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GHS Category -- Flammable Gases (including chemically unstable gases)
Posted: 2022-08-03

GHS Definition: ▪Flammable gas refers to the gas that has a flammable range with air at 20 ℃ and a standard pressure of 101.3 kPa. ▪ Chemically unstable gas refers to a flammable gas t…

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GHS Category--Oxidizing Liquids
Posted: 2022-07-29

GHS Definition: Oxidizing liquids are liquids that are not necessarily flammable themselves, but generally produce oxygen that causes or contributes to the combustion of other substances. …

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