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GHS Category -- Pressurized Gas
Posted: 2023-05-26

GHS definition: Pressurized gas means gas, liquefied gas or frozen liquefied gas loaded into the reservoir at 200 kPa(gauge pressure) or more at 20℃. Pressurized gas includes compressed …

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GHS Category -- Aerosol
Posted: 2023-05-24

GHS definition: An aerosol, also known as a nebulizer, is any nonrefillable reservoir made of metal, glass, or plastic, containing a compressed, liquefied, or pressurized dissolved gas, with …

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GHS Category -- Pressurized Chemicals
Posted: 2023-05-19

GHS definition: Pressurized chemicals are liquids or solids (e.g. pastes or powders) that are pressurized to 200 kPa (gauge pressure) or higher by a gas at 20 ° C in a pressure reservoir …

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