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Revision of GHS regulations in Korea

Posted Date:2023/11/17

On February 15, 2023, South Korea issued a revised report on the "Classification, Labeling and Material Safety Data Sheet Standard for Chemical Substances" - MoEL's Public Notice No. 2023-9 issued by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.The main changes are as follows:

1. Clear the definition of "manufacturing"

Mixed chemical substances or mixtures intended for direct use, transfer, or supply; Or for the purpose of direct use, transfer, or supply, directly planning a chemical substance or mixture (properties, raw material preparation), and commissioning other companies to process it.

2. Following the previous paragraph, regarding MSDS and application for confidentiality when the Client manufactures the products - either the client or the principal may submit MSDS or apply for confidentiality. After submitting an MSDS or applying for confidentiality, the principal must provide the completed results to the principal.

This revision mainly relates to the definition of certain wording and the submission of MSDS and related confidentiality applications, and does not involve the modification of SDS and GHS classification and labeling.