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Special concentration limits for mixtures

Posted Date:2023/11/10

Sometimes customers do not provide those low-content ingredients when providing product ingredients, thinking that there is no harm, and will not affect the hazard determination of the entire product. Today, we mainly talk about the use of critical values/concentration limits for some special substances. This article will focus on one of the many situations in which a substance may be classified when its proportion in the mixture is less than the percentage required by the GHS rules.

In classifying untested mixtures according to the danger of their components, some of the GHS hazard categories classify mixtures using the generic threshold/concentration limit value of the classified components of the mixture. The threshold value/concentration limit value used is sufficient to determine the hazard of most mixtures, but some mixtures may also contain hazardous ingredients in concentrations below the harmonized threshold value/concentration limit value, which still pose some identifiable hazard. There may also be cases where the uniform threshold/concentration limit value is significantly lower than would be expected based on an established non-hazardous level for an ingredient.

In general, the generic threshold/concentration limit values adopted in the globally harmonized System should be uniformly applied to all jurisdictions and all sectors. However, if the classifier has information indicating that the risk of an ingredient becomes apparent below the generic threshold/concentration limit value, then mixtures containing such ingredient should be classified accordingly.

So the first point, in the classification of substances should pay attention to its special concentration limits and other special requirements. Second, manufacturers must be detailed when providing product composition information.

Use of any value other than the class threshold/concentration limit must be accompanied by complete supporting documentation for review upon request.