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The order of GHS health hazard pictograms

Posted Date:2024/1/12

Where a substance or mixture has a hazard listed in more than one globally harmonized system, the following arrangements may apply. This does not preclude the application of the building blocks principle described in the chapter "Purpose, Scope and Application". Accordingly, where a system does not provide for information on specific hazards to be provided on labels, the application of these arrangements should be modified accordingly.

The order in which symbols (pictograms) are arranged

For substances and mixtures that fall within the scope of the Model Regulations of the United Nations, the sequence of physical hazard symbols shall follow the rules of the Model Regulations of the United Nations. In the case of the workplace, the competent authority may require the use of all symbols of physical danger. For health hazards, the following prioritization principle applies:

(a) If there are skeletons and crossbones, there should be no exclamation marks;

(b) If there is a corrosion symbol, there should be no exclamation mark indicating skin irritation or eye irritation;

(c) If a health hazard symbol for respiratory sensitization is present, no exclamation marks should be used to indicate skin allergy, or to indicate skin irritation or eye irritation.