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California's 65 standard Testing

Claifornia’s65, namely Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, which is overwhelmingly agreed through California residents’ votes in November 1986. The proposition is executed by Assessment of environment health hazard (OEHHA) which is under the California Environment Protection Agency (Cal/ EPA).

The proposal stipulates, when the individual sellers that have ten or even more employees (except the exempt ones) must tag the clear and reasonable warning labels on carcinogenic or genotoxic chemicals to avoid the contact with human bodies, and mustn’t release the chemical things into drinking water. The consumer warning can be printed directly on the product label or placed at a conspicuous place near the store products.

California’s 65 lists about 800 kinds of chemicals that have been regarded as carcinogenic or genotoxic chemicals by local authorities in California. This kind of chemical list includes a lot of chemical products that produced by nature and artificial synthesis, which includes insecticide, ordinary household products, foods, drug products, additives or ingredients with dyes or solvents. They can be used in manufacture and construction industry, and they can be also the by-products during the process of chemicals, such as motor vehicle exhaust. The chemicals on the list include tobacco smoke, metal (such as lead, cadmium and nickel) and organic chemicals (such as phthalate: BBP, DBP, DEHP, DIDP, DNHP and so on, multiring hydrocarbon: benzopyrene and so on).

Up to now, the Claifornia’s65 promulgated since about 20 years ago. It always upholds the purpose that reduces the expositions of toxic chemicals. There are a lot of law cases about toxic chemicals since from the formulation of Claifornia’s65, which leads to the implementation of serious of limit standards in the whole America.

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